Apr. 25, 2016
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CCNC responds to court ruling on NC voting restrictions

RALEIGH – On Monday evening, a U.S. district court judge handed down a ruling upholding a controversial law passed by the North Carolina legislature in 2013 that, among a wide variety of actions, enacted strict voter ID, cut a week off of early voting, repealed same-day voter registration and blocked out-of-precinct voting.

Common Cause North Carolina is a plaintiff in that case, along with several other organizations and individuals. The following is a statement from Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC, in response to Monday's decision.

"It is disappointing to see this court side with the legislature's wrong-headed move to end same-day registration and out-of-precinct voting, laws that had made voting easier and more accessible for everyone. However, we are hopeful that an appeal of this decision will provide for a fuller examination of the case and the reinstatement of these common-sense measures intended to allow greater voter participation."

Common Cause North Carolina is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to encouraging citizen participation in democracy.


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