June 10, 2015
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Common Cause NC responds to legislative maneuvering on Greensboro redistricting bill

RALEIGH – With little prior notice, the N.C. Senate Redistricting Committee this morning approved a substitute version of House Bill 263 that suddenly contains highly controversial provisions that would impact Greensboro's local elections. The committee did so after another bill (S36) with similar provisions has been met with bipartisan opposition in the N.C. House.

The following is a statement from Dennis Burns, chairman of Common Cause North Carolina, in response to the N.C. Senate Redistricting Committee's actions today.

"Regardless of the merits of this bill, to quickly approve an elections measure – with almost no prior notice and with little debate – that would have such a sweeping impact on North Carolina's third largest city is an insult to the notion of government transparency and is the kind of political maneuvering that undermines the public's confidence in the integrity of our democratic process," Burns said. "We urge lawmakers to be mindful of the need to have a legislative process that is transparent and allows adequate time for public input on these important issues."

Common Cause North Carolina is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to encouraging citizen participation in democracy.


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