Aug. 29, 2017
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Federal court allows lawsuit against partisan gerrymandering in NC to proceed

RALEIGH – A panel of three federal judges on Tuesday ruled that the case of Common Cause v. Rucho can proceed to trial, denying a request by lawyers for the state legislature to delay the lawsuit. The case challenges partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina.

The following is a statement from Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC, in response to today’s decision:

“We are pleased the court confirmed that our lawsuit against partisan gerrymandering will proceed.  This is a potentially landmark case that could finally end gerrymandering in North Carolina and may have reverberations across the country. The lawsuit is a crucial step toward protecting the constitutional right of citizens to have a voice in choosing their representatives.”

The lawsuit was filed by Common Cause in August of 2016 after legislative leaders openly declared that they had replaced racially gerrymandered congressional districts with districts gerrymandered along partisan lines. 

A copy of the court's denial of stay can be seen here.

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