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Timira Conley

'Your voice absolutely matters.'

A double-major in Arabic language and political science at NC State University, Timira Conley was able to put her passion for civic engagement into practice with Common Cause North Carolina.

"As an intern with Common Cause, I have worked with voter education, and working to reform the voter ID law, as well as researching gerrymandering in North Carolina and issues concerning police accountability," she says.

Timira got an up-close look at democracy in action by joining thousands of citizens marching against voting restrictions in North Carolina. The protest came in conjunction with the start of a pivotal federal voting rights trial in Winston-Salem.

"Taking part in the voting rights rally really solidified to me all the work that I've done with the voter ID law, how much of an impact it really has on the millions that actually inhabit North Carolina and the communities within North Carolina," she says.

Timira encourages young people like herself to get involved in local, state and national political issues.

"More than anything, Millennials are tagged with the idea that we're not civically attentive, and it needs to be stressed within our age group that the changes that can be made in local municipalities and your state government is really what's really going to have the most impact in your daily life," Timira says.

She adds, "Your voice absolutely matters, and being involved in the political process is going to affect everything else in your life."

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