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Christelle Lohembe

'I ended up loving working with Common Cause.'

"My advisor told me to try it out, and I ended up loving working with Common Cause," Patty Suarez says of her internship with us.

A political science major and business management minor at NC State University, Patty was an active participant in our work around public policy and voting rights.

"I got first-hand experience at the legislative building, talking to different representatives, and just getting to know a little bit more about how our government works," she says.

As part of her internship, Patty directly petitioned the Wake County Board of Elections to open a polling place on the NCSU campus.

"I know it's really difficult for students that don't have transportation to get to a voting place downtown, and that's why a lot of students end up not voting," Patty says. "So I'm glad I got to work with that and being able to try to make a change on my campus."

She adds, "People think that they can't make a change when it's actually right here and it's available to them, they are just unaware of it."

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