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Christelle Lohembe

'Working with Common Cause makes you think about building up everyone around you.'

"The biggest thing I've gained is building other leaders," Hakeem Dykes says of his experience as one of our Democracy Fellows. "Working with Common Cause, it really makes you think about building up everyone around you."

A political science and psychology major at Shaw University in Raleigh, Hakeem helped organize his classmates to address issues that impact them and their campus community.

"As a Democracy Fellow, we work with students and talk about issues that we think affect us, as well as holding power accountable, so that we can make sure that things that we feel are important are getting addressed," he says.

Hakeem also worked as one of our Common Cause poll monitors on Election Day, helping answer voter questions and reporting any obstacles that citizens faced in casting a ballot.

"One thing that I experienced was a lot of voter turnaround, people at the wrong polling place," Hakeem says. "That was a big issue that we focused on after the elections as well."

Hakeem sums up his commitment to increasing student engagement by saying, "Often times my peers think that they're not important enough to address (political issues), so it's very important to let them know that your voice is still powerful, and especially the power of numbers."

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