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Timira Conley

'I found my calling at Common Cause.'

"There were a few previous interns who were through NC State that I had collaborated with, as well as a couple of my professors who also advocated the productive nature of Common Cause and knew that I wanted to do something along those lines for this summer," Edward Critikos says of learning about our organization. "I found my calling at Common Cause."

A recent graduate of NC State University majoring in political science, Edward got a first-hand look at state government by walking the halls of the legislature and directly engaging with lawmakers. He also dug into research about such vital topics and voting rights and redistricting reform.

The experience, Edward says, gave him a new appreciation for our democracy in action.

"Being with Common Cause North Carolina has really opened up my eyes to how much even a single vote matters," he says.

Edward encourages recent college graduates like himself to get involved and fully engage in the political process.

"Our generation is entering the workforce. The millennials are now entering the stage where politics really matters in their lives," he says. "And the way that they can make a difference is by voting and by actively participating in state and local politics."

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