A guide to North Carolina's voter ID law

Beginning in 2016, most North Carolina voters will be required to show an acceptable photo ID when voting in person.

Acceptable forms of photo ID include:

• N.C. driver's license (can be expired up to 4 years)
• North Carolina ID card issued by DMV (can be expired up to 4 years)
• U.S. passport (must be unexpired)
• Military or Veterans ID (must be unexpired if it has a printed expiration date)
• Tribal ID from a federally or state recognized tribe (must be unexpired if it has a printed expiration date)
• Out-of-state driver's license (only valid if voter registration occurred within 90 days of the election and license must be unexpired)

NOTE: Voters over age 70 may present any acceptable photo ID that has been expired for any length of time, so long as the ID was valid on their 70th birthday.

GET A FREE ID: North Carolina voters who do not already have an acceptable ID can get one for free from the DMV.

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What if I'm not able to get an acceptable photo ID?

If you haven't been able to obtain an acceptable photo ID, you CAN still vote. When you go to your polling place:

1. Inform the poll worker that you don't have an approved photo ID.
2. Provide your birthdate and last four digits of your Social Security number.
3. Sign a statement declaring why you don’t have one of the approved photo IDs.

But remember, if you do possess one of the acceptable photo IDs, you should bring it with you to vote.

What are acceptable reasons for not having an approved ID?

"Reasonable impediments" for not being able to get an ID include:

• family obligations
• transportation problems
• work schedule
• illness or disability

Simply pick from the menu of choices why you haven't been able to obtain an acceptable photo ID. It may be a lack of time due to work/class schedule or family obligations. It may be an inability to get to a DMV office due to lack of transportation.

Again, simply select the box that best explains your circumstance.

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