Public hearing on new NC legislative maps
On Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 4pm, the Joint House & Senate Redistricting Committee will hold a public hearing at seven locations in North Carolina

On Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 4:00 p.m. the Joint House & Senate Redistricting Committee will hold a public hearing on new legislative maps.

The hearing will take place at seven locations linked via video (see the list of locations below).

Registration for speaking will begin at 3:00 p.m. at each hearing site. Registration to speak will close at 6:30 p.m., although there is no definitive end time for the hearing. Speakers will have up to three minutes for their comments to the committee.


Click to view the proposed NC House map.

Click to view the proposed NC Senate map.

The legislature will likely release data associated with these maps on Monday. Sign up for updates from Common Cause NC.

Can't attend the public hearing? Submit a comment to lawmakers online here.

Redistricting public hearing locations:

At Common Cause NC, we believe voting maps should:

be compact
respect communities of interest
be contiguous
comply with the Voting Rights Act to ensure that it’s possible for black voters to elect their candidates of choice
be free from partisan politics (ignore voter registration data, past election results, incumbent addresses, etc.) and ensure maps are not drawn to unduly favor a particular party, candidate or lawmaker

The current redistricting process continues to be overly partisan and lacks transparency. Maps were drawn behind closed doors and voters were not given sufficient time to review proposed maps before scheduled public hearings.

A majority of the Joint House & Senate Redistricting Committee is on the record as supporting nonpartisan redistricting in the past. And yet, the committee rejected nonpartisan redistricting standards now.

Instead, these new maps once again perpetuate the cycle of gerrymandering. The proposed districts appear designed to give the majority party maximum advantage, shielding politicians from accountability to the public, while depriving voters of a choice and a voice at the ballot box.

Download a printable version of these points.

Learn more about our plan to end gerrymandering in North Carolina.

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Legislative Office Building - Room 643
300 N Salisbury St.
Raleigh (map)


Central Piedmont Community College
Hall Bldg Rooms 215/216
1112 Charlottetowne Ave
Charlotte (map)


Fayetteville Technical Community College
GCB (General Classroom Bldg) Room 108
2817 Fort Bragg Road
Fayetteville (map)

HUDSON (Caldwell County)

Caldwell Community College
Bldg B Room 104
2855 Hickory Boulevard
Hudson (map)

JAMESTOWN (Guilford County)

Guilford Technical Community College
(Jamestown campus)
Medline Campus Center - Room 360
601 East Main Street
Jamestown (map)

WELDON (Halifax County)

Halifax Community College
Bldg 100 - Room 108
100 College Road
Weldon (map)

WASHINGTON (Beaufort County)

Beaufort County Community College
Building 9 - Room #935
5337 US Hwy 264 East
Washington (map)

Can't attend the public hearing? Submit a comment to lawmakers online here.

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