Gerrymandering deprives NC voters of chance to weigh in on House Bill 2

In March, the North Carolina legislature held a one-day special session in which it passed House Bill 2, blocking the City of Charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance that had been intended to protect members of the LGBT community, along with several other municipal civil rights ordinances.

While citizens and business leaders across the state have criticized the legislature's action, the reality is that 90 percent of those lawmakers that voted in favor of House Bill 2 either face no competition at all in this year's election or come from districts so heavily gerrymandered that it is virtually impossible for an opposing candidate to win.

"Because of gerrymandering, millions of North Carolina voters will have no real opportunity to weigh in on the merits of this or other legislation when they go to the polls this fall," said Dennis Burns, chairman of Common Cause North Carolina. "North Carolinians deserve a redistricting process that encourages competition in elections and allows citizens to hold their representatives accountable at the ballot box."

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