‘Purple State’ beer brewed to fight gerrymandering in NC

A new brew from Fullsteam in Durham lets folks drink beer while helping to end gerrymandering.

For every pint sold of Purple State beer, Fullsteam Brewery will donate $1 to Common Cause NC’s fight for fair voting maps.

Made from purple potatoes from Lenoir County and elderberries from Cedar Grove, along with black currants, the beer’s name evokes North Carolina’s diversity as a politically purple state – neither completely Republican red or Democratic blue.

“We just wanted to highlight the diversity of North Carolina’s agriculture, and kind of showcase the rich resources that the state has, and use it as a way to draw attention to gerrymandering,” said Sean Lilly Wilson, owner of Fullsteam Brewery. “We are a diverse state, but our diversity is not being reflected in the way the districts are drawn.”

Wilson said that regardless of where someone stands on the political spectrum, he’s yet to meet anyone who supports gerrymandering.

“Once people understand the issue, no matter where you are politically, I think there’s a uniform, like, ‘Oh, this sucks,'” Wilson said. “Gerrymandering sucks. That’s all there is to it.”

Purple State beer is now on tap. Common Cause NC will host a happy hour at Fullsteam Brewery on Dec. 19 from 5-7 p.m. Come raise a pint and help fight gerrymandering.

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