Redistricting committee falls short on public hearing for new legislative maps

UPDATE: A seventh hearing location has been added today, an improvement, but still far short of the number of locations that should be made available to concerned citizens. See the list here.

The Joint House and Senate Redistricting Committee on Wednesday released a list of locations for Tuesday’s public hearing on new legislative maps.

The following is a statement from Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC, in response to that announcement by the committee.

“The locations chosen by the redistricting committee’s leadership leave out large sections of the state that will likely be directly impacted by this latest redistricting, including most of eastern North Carolina. Having just one hearing location east of Raleigh makes participation unduly burdensome for concerned citizens in that region.

“We respectfully ask the committee to add more hearing locations so that a greater number of citizens can have a fair chance to present their comments to lawmakers.

“We also call on the redistricting committee’s leadership to release the new legislative maps now so that citizens have sufficient time to review the redrawn districts in preparation for the public hearing.”

TAKE ACTION: Contact redistricting committee co-chairs Rep. David Lewis at 919-715-3015 and Sen. Ralph Hise at 919-733-3460, and ask them to add more public hearing locations.

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