Winston-Salem State University students get ready for early voting

By Bryan Warner
Posted: Mar. 3, 2016

With early voting for this year's primary election getting underway across North Carolina, students at Winston-Salem State University worked to motivate their classmates to head to the polls.

Alexandria Turnley, a WSSU student and a Democracy Fellow with Common Cause NC, struck up conversations with students in the cafeteria, giving them facts on same-day registration, voter ID and opportunities to cast a ballot early.

"Most of the students seem like they're excited to vote, they're going to go out and they feel like it's important to them," Turnley said.

Shuttles would be running throughout the first day of early voting on Mar. 3 to transport WSSU students to an early voting location.

Early voting runs Mar. 3-12. Voters who missed the Feb. 19 registration deadline can still register to vote and cast a ballot at any early voting location in their county.

With the start of early voting also comes the implementation of North Carolina's new voter ID requirement. Voters who were unable to obtain an acceptable ID due to a reasonable impediment will still be able to cast a ballot.

More information on this year's election can be found at



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