St. Aug's students pledge to vote this fall
CCNC Democracy Fellows launched the 'Black Votes Matter' campaign at the Raleigh campus

By Bryan Warner
Posted: Sept. 23, 2016

RALEIGH – Common Cause NC Democracy Fellows launched our Black Votes Matter campaign on the campus of Saint Augustine's University, as dozens of students signed cards pledging to participate in this year's momentous election.

"We're here to engage everyone, and we feel that voting affects everything around us – from school to health to homeland security, everything," said Tamiya Dortch, a student at St. Aug's and a CCNC Democracy Fellow.

CCNC Democacy Fellow Alston DelVega, echoed that sentiment, saying, "Your vote definitely does matter. In order to change our circumstances, we've got to get out and vote."

Selected among the student body at HBCU campuses across North Carolina, CCNC Democracy Fellows are dedicated to helping their fellow students meaningfully participate in the democratic process.

ABOVE: CCNC Democracy Fellows are working at HBCU campuses to encourage students to pledge to vote this year.



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