CCNC delivers petition to Sens. Burr and Tillis calling for action on Supreme Court vacancy

petition delivery in Raleigh

By Bryan Warner
Posted: Mar. 17, 2016

Common Cause NC delivered a petition signed by over 17,000 North Carolinians to Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis calling on the U.S. Senate to work with President Barack Obama on filling the current U.S. Supreme Court vacancy.

Staff and board members made the delivery this month to Burr's Winston-Salem office and Tillis' office in downtown Raleigh. The high court vacancy comes as North Carolina faces several potentially pivotal cases on voting rights and gerrymandering that could reach the Supreme Court.

"A continued vacancy would leave the Supreme Court shorthanded and could prevent these cases from receiving the proper review and resolution that our state deserves," said Dennis Burns, chairman of Common Cause North Carolina. "We respectfully call on Senators Tillis and Burr, along with their colleagues, to put aside partisan politics and allow the Supreme Court nominating process to move forward in a fair and timely manner."

press coverage of petition delivery
petition delivery to Sen. Tillis office



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