A Crucial Conversation: How to Repair Our American Democracy
Common Cause national President Karen Hobert Flynn discusses ways to combat big money in politics and protect voting rights for all.

By Bryan Warner
Posted: Oct. 5, 2016

RALEIGH – NC Policy Watch hosts a Crucial Conversation with Karen Hobert Flynn, national president of Common Cause, discussing how to repair and strengthen American democracy.

Karen Hobert Flynn, a democracy reform activist and leader for more than three decades, including 25-plus years on staff and in state and national leadership positions with Common Cause, is the organization’s tenth president.

As Senior Vice President for Programs and Strategy, Karen has led the program and development of Common Cause from 2012- 2016. During that time, she oversaw the strategy and planning for the organization and raised significant resources to support Common Cause’s national and state efforts to curb the outsized influence of big money in politics and to protect voting rights.

Under her leadership of Common Cause in Connecticut, Karen secured one of the strongest state campaign finance laws in the country, including a comprehensive small-dollar public financing grants program for statewide and legislative offices, banning state contractor political giving and strict limits on political giving by lobbyists. She helped pass numerous ethics laws, including a gift-and-meal limit bill, a promotional advertising limit bill, and strong disclosure and coordination measures.

Karen writes and speaks frequently on issues regarding our democracy, including money in politics, voting rights and ethics for elected officials. Karen has been quoted in such media outlets as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, Salon, MSNBC, and her writings have been published in US News & World Report, Newsweek, and The Daily Beast, among other publications.



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